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Letter # 7: To the first woman to spank my butt with a belt

(This does not necessarily mean that I’ve been spanked by other women before. :p)

On the eve of my 24th birthday, I write a letter to the woman who brought me into this world 24 years ago – my mommy!

Dear Ma,

Exactly 24 years ago, I can only imagine that you were sleeping in bed not knowing that I, your firstborn, will go out at exactly 11:59am of the next day. Maybe you felt a little pain, but you didn’t know that the time was that near.

For all the things I would like to say to you, I’d just limit it to 2 things that I would like to thank you for:

The first would be for bearing through all the pains of childbirth and the second would be for spanking my butt so hard with a belt that was two inches thick when I didn’t want to go to school way back in pre-school.

The reason for the first one is obvious, you brought me here. I was once a dirty thought in papa’s mind; now? I’m here – and I’m glad I am. I hope that you’re also glad that I’m here. Which makes me think: Had you known that I was going to turn out this way, would you still have pushed me out of your womb? (HAHA. Fishing.)

The second reason is something that I have to explain shortly for I don’t like writing long letters and this is a blog so I have to keep it short. That intense bit of spanking that I got instilled in me all the discipline in the world not only to go to classes during grade school and high school but to also actually do well in them. That spanking was so painful that it made me love going to class. (In college, I loved going to school but not actually to class. :p) It was so painful and traumatic that I vowed to myself never to make you that angry again. It was so painful that I learned how tough it was going to be for men to anger or disappoint women in general. (Maybe that’s why I’m extra nice to girls also.)

Thanks for the discipline, Ma. However, My only wish is that you were that strict with my siblings, as well. Not because I want them to be spanked but because I also want them to view you with the sense of authority that I did because that did wonders for me and I do think it would have been for them.

I know we’ve had our differences and fights before – but all that is hopefully over. Sorry for the times I hurt you. You know that despite everything, all 5 of us love you and papa, a lot. I hope we can go back to the time when I used to call you the “Mother of Pearl”. That would be fun, Yes? Haha!

Sorry for giving you lots of headaches because I’m such a spoiled brat. :p Mana lang ata ako sa’yo! Hahaha!

That would be it.

Thanks a lot, Ma.

Your favorite child, (HAHAHAHA. JOKE LANG!!!!)


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