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Letter # 8: To those who made my day

(Birthday ko naman so hayaan niyo ako maghalo ng english and tagalog or taglish for short)

Last night, I slept smiling because I thought that my birthday would be awesome. This morning, I woke up with a totally different feeling. (Alam niyo yung pakiramdam na parang may masamang mangyayari? Ganun.) Nevertheless, I told myself that I would not let anything get me down today. (Minsan na nga lang mag-birthday, mababadtrip pa ako!) Now that I near the end of my birthday, I can still say that it was awesome. Uneventful as compared to the past birthdays I’ve had, but just as nice and awesome!

Today, the world did try to bring me down with so many things that I usually would have pissed me off on a normal day and I’m just really glad to have gone through everything albeit with some amount of stress but still in a positive mood.

So to those who made my day,


Your greetings made my day! Be it through the facebook wall-post (which is the popular and easiest choice nowadays), or text, or call, or email or personal greeting, Thank you. Although LESSON LEARNED: kung malapit na birthday mo at nakasubscribe ka sa Facebook mobile, I suggest mag unsubscribe ka muna at least for your birthday otherwise buong araw magriring or vibrate ang phone mo every 1-2 minutes. Wild talaga. Saktong pampaubos lang ng battery. Pero salamat parin talaga.

Ang masasabi ko lang… Muntik na masira araw ko ng sobrang daming bagay… Di ko alam bakit. Basta. Grabe lang.

If I was to pit the positive vs the negative, then I’d have more or less 15 reasons to ruin my day; but then I thought to myself and realized that I’d have 500+ people who tried to make my day. 😀 That’s more than good enough for me!

Sa mga naka-alala… Sa mga nagtext… Sa mga tumawag… Sa mga nagpakita… Sa mga nangsurpresa… Sa mga nang-trip (kung sino ka man, magpakilala ka para masapak kita. haha.)… Sa mga nangregalo… Sa mga nagpakain… SALAMAT!


Sa mga mahal ko… sa mga minahal ko… sa crush ko.. sa dati kong crush… sa matalik kong kaibigan… sa “nawala” kong kaibigan… sa dati kong ka-ibigan… sa pamilya ko… sa mga kamag-anak ko… sa anak ko [uy joke lang!!! *knock on wood*]… sa old friends… sa new friends… sa lahat… SALAMAT!

Sa mga nakalimot, okay lang! Naintindihan ko naman kung di kayo nakalog-in sa facebook! Chempuhan lang nga naman yan! hahaha!

Alam ko hindi na parang liham itong ginawa ko. Pero para masabi lang na letter ito, ayusin ko ng konti.

Thanks guys. You all made my day, seriously. Now I’ll start replying to all of you!


Lubos na nagpapasalamat,

Miggy Z!!

(This would probably count as my most incoherent letter/post to date but since it’s my birthday, okay lang!) :p

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