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Letter #5: To my best friend

If you ask us how we met, this is what we’ll tell you: (Setting: Jollibee, Greenhills.) We were both playing in the Jollibee play place, swimming in the pool of balls (yung old school play place ng jollibee dati). He entered with an ice cream cone, I jumped and I didn’t see him – his ice cream fell. He cried. I said sorry and continued to play.  Later on, I was about to buy an ice cream cone at the counter when I saw him. I bought another one and gave it to him. The rest is history.

Saktong pang commercial lang ang story. HAHA.

To Marc,

We’re actually best friends of few words – so in staying true to that I’ll keep this short.

Thanks, bro.

From football, to all the organizations we became part of (PCO, Strains, etc), to all the parties we went to, to all the girls we both tried to hit on, to the people we bullied, to the drinks we’ve shared, to the medals and tournaments we’ve won together, thanks.

While other bestfriends tell each other anything and everything, we do the opposite. We don’t say anything to each other, we don’t share stories of the girls we’ve been with and loved, we don’t share stories of our problems and stresses – but somehow, we know what each is going through at any point and the even better thing is that we both understand what’s happening.

Andito lang ako, at lahat kami, pag kailangan mo bro! Good luck sa lahat! (alam mo na mga tinutukoy ko!) Suportahan taka! Hahaha.

Football at inuman na ulit!

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang magandang pang-goodbye sa letter na ito,



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