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Letter # 2: To the number 2 woman in my life

After my mother, it would have to be my legendary 83-year old grandmother – OYA Clarita!

Dear Oya (I couldn’t say “LOLA” when I was a kid so I grew up saying OYA for LOLA and OYO for my LOLO),

I know you don’t know anything about computers and you’d kill us if we tried teaching you how but I hope you can read this anyway.

For lack of eloquence and an organized writing brain as of the moment, allow me to express myself in simple lines for you

You taught me so many things in my life (ever since I was a kid you were there to guide me)

You practically brought us all up (financially speaking, you saved us!)

You are the strongest person I know (after going through everything, and hearing your stories over and over again, I understand the burden that you carry)

You are generous, as you are kind (you shout at me whenever I ask for something, but you end up giving it anyway. and that goes for everyone else around you. I got that trait from you. The inability to say “No”)

You are strict and firm, yet with a genuine concern for everyone. (I think that comes with your being a doctor and teacher)

You are loving and so very thoughtful (Always thinking about others before yourself.)

(I am your favorite. Hahaha.)

You are the so smart. (so proud of UP that no other university comes close)

You are so loving and patient (I know I disappointed you big time and yet you never gave up on me)

You are the best chef in the world (your food makes me want to go home early everyday)

You have the best stories (I think I’ve memorized them already! 😀 )

You have the biggest heart.


You may have an evil laugh when you bully us

You may shout at me (us) a lot

You may get mad for my going home late

You may tease me for not having a girlfriend (or breaking up with a girlfriend)

You may be the biggest nagger in the whole wide world

But I love you just the same. We all do.

You’ve been giving your whole life – and for that I can’t thank you enough. I just hope I can make you proud.

I also hope I can introduce you to my future wife someday. That would be awesome.

Thank you, Oya.

Love (Your favorite apo),

Miguel (what you call me when you’re mad! hahaha!)


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