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Letter # 1: To the couple we saw making out in cantina

It may be anti-climactic that I write this last letter to people I don’t really know but since I was talking to my friends about who I was going to write to last night and I saw you start to make-out in public, it was then that I decided to write you guys a letter. (it wasn’t my fault that you guys were at the table beside us and that you were in my line of sight)

So to whoever you guys are,

My first advice for you would be of course to get a room. (Or you probably did judging by the way you looked when we left)

Second thing I want to say is that I thank you for injecting some fun and action into a night that was almost ruined by the sight of this…

(yes, that is a huge butt crack from this guy while we were having dinner. sobrang pet peeve lang talaga. at saktong pasubo pa lang kami ng pagkain. haha. it should be written in the commandments that THOU SHALL HIDE YOUR BUTT CRACK AT ALL TIMES.)

Going back, I found it amusing that you two fought immediately after the first make-out session then made-up afterwards by making out again and again and even allowing your beer glass to fall on the floor in the process. RELAKS KASI.

To the girl, we also found it funny when, by chance, we saw your hand creeping and crawling down there.

To the guy, di ko alam bakit ka bad trip every time mag CR yung girl mo. Nakakaubos ka ata ng stick ng yosi everytime nagCR siya.

I admire your guts to do that even though a lot of people were looking already – or maybe it was the alcohol.

Pati tuloy yung waiter natawa. Humirit pa tuloy ng “hindi pa tapos ang valentine’s ah”. HAHAHA.

On a serious note, I’d like to tell you that your LOVE (and LUST) gave me hope that I’ll find someone who’s more loving but hopefully less clingy than the two of you.

Because of you I also missed college (hindi dahil nakikipag-makeout din ako sa cantina) because I missed how much fun I used to have back then. Hahaha.

Again, I don’t know you, but you made my day because of your uncontrollable passion and raging hormones.

But next time, save us the show and get a room,

Miggy Z

P.S. I don’t know what is it with me and walking into couples while making out or doing something and seeing couples do it in public. Daming beses na nangyari eh. Di ko alam kung malas or swerte yun! hahaha!

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