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New Challenge: 30-day lesson/reflection writing

A new challenge has been issued: Write down 30 lessons you’ve learned for 30 days. After going through the letter challenge, I now face one that requires twice as much thinking and will take twice the amount of time.

Why do this? To form a habit of 1) blogging and 2) thinking and reflecting.

More often than not, we end our day too tired to even think about what happened to us and what lessons we could take from the person we met, the vendor who sold us candy, the street child, the dead and flattened cat on the road, our bosses, our parents, our teachers, the tv shows we watch, the songs we listen to and practically everything else that goes on in our daily routines.

Life shouldn’t be a routine lest it becomes boring.

What I’ll write are simple lessons, simple realizations and reflections that once written down and formed into a habit could spell a world of a difference in the way we think, we act and the way live.

Minsan nga siguro magmumukha akong tanga na magsusulat ng lessons na dapat alam na nating lahat. Pero ganun talaga eh. Madami naman talaga tayong alam… Minsan nakakalimutan lang natin.

And since gumana yung technique of counting backwards as I do the challenge, I’ll do it again.

Sana matapos ko! 😀

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