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Lesson # 27: From The Script

While I’m at the topic of love and heartaches, I might as well make this one about love. (napaghahalataan na ata na favorite topic ko ito!) I swear I’d write about other things after this one.

So let me introduce to you the modern day band whose songs, for me, best represent love and heartaches – THE SCRIPT. I particularly listened to 2 songs of theirs with one being NOTHING and the second one being BREAKEVEN. (I just find THE MAN WHO CAN”T BE MOVED a little too cheesy and dramatic for my taste.

Why’d I pick these two? Because somehow, for me, their lyrics can already encompass most of what we go through when we get our hearts broken.

So here goes:

Lesson 27.1: Music has healing powers. (If you’re not drinking, partying, sulking and crying, then you’re probably drinking, partying, sulking and crying with the music in full blast.)

Lesson 27.2: When the heart breaks, no it don’t break even. Someone’s bound to be hurt more and have his/her heart crushed more than the other. Someone’s bound to move on faster than the other. It’s never a fair game.

Lesson 27.3: THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO COPE. Among other things, we have:

Friends – “they say I’m better off now that I ever was with her… And my MATES are all there trying to calm me down coz I’m shouting your name all over town…” (We may take them for granted when we are so madly in-love and that we don’t believe the things that they say about our significant other (or they choose to say nothing being that they are your friends) but they will be there “trying to calm you down” once your heart breaks.)

Faith (God) – “Still alive but I’m barely breathing. Just praying to a GOD that I don’t believe in” (Yeah, prayers and silent reflections work well. I personally sit on the pews of the church and stay quiet for a long time.)

Alcohol – (this might not be the best option because you might end up doing something stupid like what the lyrics say “I know that I’m drunk but I’ll say the words and she’ll listen this time even though it’s slurred. dialed her number and confessed to her that I’m still in-love but all I heard was nothing”. AND “every drunk step I take leads me to her door. if she sees how much I’m hurting then she’ll take me back for sure” (Eh ayun napahiya ka tuloy kasi walang sinabi yung “mahal mo”). So I think it’s better you stay sober if you really want to prove your love or what not. If you’re not sober, then just have all the fun you can have!

My favorite lines:

“What am I gonna do when the best part of me was always you? What am I supposed to say when I’m all choked up that you’re okay? I’m falling to pieces.” — Move on. Isipin mo na lang, okay na siya eh. Dapat maging okay ka na rin. Para sa’yo rin naman yun.

“I wanted words but all I heard was nothing.” — That’s one of the biggest signs na pwede ka na tumigil sa kakahabol noh?

Mental block hits me right…. NOW. So I better end this.

These guys are geniuses for writing such beautiful lyrics and composing songs that just hit the right spots.

While their lyrics portray the hardships of letting go, when the emotions subside and you start listening to the songs over and over again and reading the lyrics line by line, you’ll realize that it’s time to move on. 🙂

I’m not much of a concert-watcher, but I think I can make an exception for this band! Magkano tickets? hahaha!

P.S. Their lead singer has a resemblance to Justin Timberlake. Or bulag lang ba ako?

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