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Lesson # 25: From earthquakes and tsunamis

There’s really not much we can do when fortuitous events such as these happen in our lives and there’s really not much that I can say and write because I’m in such a loss for words after what happened.

It’s just so tragic. Nobody deserves to experience this. Nobody.

But in staying true to the essence of my posts, I muster enough to find lessons in such disasters.

When nature strikes, it strikes hard and it strikes down to the core.

The biggest lesson is that we can never be prepared enough for things like these – but it can still save a lot of lives. (Imagine the damage the magnitude 8.9 earthquake would have caused if Japan didn’t invest so much in the technology to earthquake-proof their structures) I can’t help but think about *knock on wood* what would happen if this happened to us? It would be a lot worse, I think.

Remember Ondoy. Remember how we were caught flat-footed and unprepared.

Do we wait again for another disaster before we would prepare? I certainly hope not.

We must learn.

To prepare – for whatever disaster that may strike.

To be vigilant – when it does strike (unlike the guy in the video who kept watching even though the bridge is about to be swallowed up by the tsunamis)

To unite – and help even those whom we don’t know and those of different races, nationalities and religion

To rebuild – and regain our lives

To move on, learn from the past, and be thankful we survived.

My prayers go to the people of Japan. That the souls of those who perished may rest in peace, that those who are struggling to survive be saved, that those who survived and were spared remain that way. My prayers go to the country of Japan. That they may bounce back and move on.

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