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Lesson # 19: From My Lazy Day

Today I told myself that this would be my song of the day.

It was a really slow day and all I really did was spend time alone in my room, lying down, sleeping, watched toy story 3, played some games and spent time with my family.

I practically did nothing – but it was one of the best days I’ve had the past few weeks (or even months).

So I realized some things during my Lazy Day.

19.1: Magaling din talaga si Bruno Mars kumanta. Kaso nalulon sa drugs. Baka masayang lang career niya. Hahaha.

Seriously though,

I cherished the fact that I was able to look back at what has happened during the weeks prior to today and I realized the following:

That I’ve been working my butt off and unconsciously, it has affected my mood/attitude already. I realized that the pressure of having too many deliverables and too little time to achieve these has created a short-circuit in my brain that makes me snappy and very moody especially when it reminds me of work.

Hindi ko napansin na sobrang suplado ko na pala talaga and I wasn’t myself already.

And there were other things that were really, in hindsight, actions and thoughts that weren’t reflective of who I know I was. I believe that I was too consumed in what I was doing and the things I had to do that I forgot the things that I personally valued.

Which leads me to lesson 19.2: I have to guard myself against succumbing to the pressures of work so much so that it already results to a totally different person.

The good thing is that I’ve had things that brought me back to earth and made me snap back to reality.

Like giving trainings…

Like throwing surprises..

Like lying down and listening to music…

Like getting really pissed and disappointed at something (or someone)…

Like sleeping for 12 hours straight…

Like riding a bike… (a bamboo one at that!)

and… Like watching toy story 3 again… 🙂

There would always be things that would not only consume your time but also your own person like work, a love affair, a drug addiction, a personal problem, or anything else under the sun.

All you have to do is remember that for every reason that turns you into someone you are not, there are a million others that would remind you of the person you are. 🙂

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