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Lesson # 18: From OPM Songs

So I tried listening to a radio station that played tagalog songs. Madami pala! Merong 101.9, 101.1, 97.1, 93.9, etc! I found that listening to those stations not only made me laugh so hard because of the way the DJ’s talked and stuff but it also made me appreciate OPM music even more.

Sino ba ang nagsabi na jologs ang mga tagalog na kanta? Hindi naman eh.

Sadly, with the way that western music has influenced ours since time immemorial and the surge of eastern music coming from Korea and Japan, we forget the value of our own homegrown music. They are left there only for the masses to appreciate and to sing in videoke bars. This reminds me of this sociological term called EXCLUSIONARY SOCIAL DISTANCE, which results to the exclusion of certain groups, races, people and beliefs, as dictated by those that have a significant stranglehold of the economy and power in society. Well this apparently applies to music too.

We cling to Justin Beiber, Usher, Chris Brown, Rihanna, The Script, etc… etc… Not to mention Rebecca Brown! We are killing our own music industry as we speak.

There are bands that are exceptions to the rule like Parokya ni Edgar, E-heads, Bamboo, Rivermaya, etc. If these bands were able to make it, then what stops us from appreciating the rest?

Sa totoo lang, kung makinig ka ng husto sa tagalog na kanta, doon mo mapagtatanto na ang mga kantang tagalog ang siyang makakapagpalabas ng iyong mga tunay na nararamdaman.

[Mas solid kasi ang tagalog kesa english eh. Parang “MAHAL KITA”. Mas malakas ang dating kesa sa “I LOVE YOU.” or to paint a better picture, try saying P*T*NG*NA MO! and F**K YOU and see kung alin ang mas masarap sabihin at mas masakit marinig!]

If you are looking for songs that would constantly pull at your heartstrings, nothing would beat songs written in our mother tongue.

Heartbroken ka? or Kakabreak mo lang? Makinig ka sa mga kantang tulad nito. Mas mararamdaman mo ang sakit. Haha.

♪♫♪♫ Wala ka man ngayon sa aking piling, nasasaktan man ang puso’t damdamin, muli’t muli sayo aaminin, ika’y mahal pariiiin. ♪♫♪♫

or ito…

♪♫♪♫ tanging hiling ko sa’yo na tuwing umuulan, maalala mo sanang may nagmamahal sa’yo… ako. ♪♫♪♫

Confused? Etong sa’yo! haha!

♪♫♪♫ Sana dalawa ang puso ko. Hindi na sana nalilito kung sino sa inyo. ♪♫♪♫

Kung wala lang, at gusto mo lang makinig sa OPM songs at gusto mo malaman kung saan nag-originate si RUSSELL ng Pixar movie na UP, panuorin mo ito (tignan niyo yung vocalist). HAHAHAHA.

eh talagang nag-dedicate sila ng kanta for a sex bomb dancer noh?

Anyway, I digress.

Going back, there’s a whole lot more that our own music can offer than what initially meets our ears. Nevermind the music videos which leave much to be desired. What I learned is that if you listen well enough, you get to appreciate our own brand of music and it’s in that appreciation that you also get to realize a lot of things.

Jologs na kung jologs.

Ika nga nila sa isang radio station, “Walang basagan ng trip.” HAHAHA.

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