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Lesson # 15: From the Motorcycle Riding Dog Along EDSA

Galing ng dog na to. Crazy owner. Is this even legal?

Apparently this dog is popular among taxi drivers who pass through EDSA everyday. (Minsan daw sa likod nakasakay yung aso? totoo ba yun?) At first I didn’t believe it when I saw it but then after recovering from the initial shock, I just had to whip out my camera and take a picture (kahit dangerous yun) kasi baka never ko na siya makita ulit.

In fairness to the dog, ang galing niya mag-balance dun sa motorcycle and it seemed to be enjoying the ride. (They were cruising at around 60Kph) Kung saan-saan pa tumitingin ang asong ito. Mukhang na-eenjoy ang attention.

In fairness to the owner, di ko alam kung saan niya dadalhin yung dog pero tunay na maparaan siya at nagawa niyang isakay ang aso niya sa motor.

This beats those motorcycle riders whom I’ve seen texting while riding.

Only goes to show that if you really want something, passionate about something or you really need something, YOU CAN and YOU WILL do something to make it happen.

Discomfort should breed innovation and action, not false blindness and neglect.

P.S. Sana next time, pati yung dog may helmet. 🙂

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