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Lesson # 12: From Willie and Jan-Jan

I only recently got to watch the video of how Willie made a 6-year old boy dance like a male stripper even though the boy was already in tears.


I’ve never been a fan of Willie and his shows. I always thought there was something wrong with how he carried on with his games and antics on national television – and I always thought that the way that people worship him as if he were some divine being or national hero, was downright crazy.

This video just confirms that millions of our kababayans and balikbayans are praising and revering a man who has no conscience nor strand of moral fiber left inside him whatsoever.

Is this really all there is left in most of our countrymen? The dream of the “instant million”? That the best way to get rich is to either stand in line in hopes of becoming a contestant OR sending your child to gyrate in front of millions of people and probably damaging him for life in the process?

It’s depressing that the “Filipino Dream” has been reduced to the dream of winning in a noontime game show hosted by a conceited, greedy, and morally unsound multi-billionaire. [Side note: at 2:48 of the video, the kid’s aunt said: “Willie matagal na kitang pinapangarap na mayakap.” — Hanggang ganun na lang ba talaga ang pangarap ng mga tao? Na mayakap ang isang artista? Bakit ganun?!] Plus, I’d bet everything that the 3,000 pesos you gave that woman didn’t solve her problems at all.

This wasn’t entertainment, this wasn’t for fun, this wasn’t amusing and this most certainly doesn’t count as “helping the poor”

Willie should be made accountable for this.

The TV station should be made responsible for this.

The parents should be smacked in the head for this.

The public should be made to learn from this.

Mali talaga eh.

12.1. Children, nor any person at that, should never be made to suffer such humiliation.

12.2. Such sweet innocence should never be corrupted and abused.

12.3. This isn’t the way out of poverty. It never will be.

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