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2011 Bucket List

A list of things I wish to do, of places I want to go to for the remainder of the year. 🙂 I’ll update this entry as I scratch off things I’ve done and add things I want to do as I go along.

Sana magawa ko naman sila.


  1. Have our business registered
  2. Go Surfing!
  3. Conquer my fear of heights part 1 – Treetop adventure in Subic
  4. Swim with the whale sharks
  5. Wakeboard
  6. Go Diving!!
  7. Climb a mountain
  8. Go to Sagada. Hehehe.
  9. Watch a live concert
  10. Go out of this country (kahit Hong Kong lang)
  11. Take a trip to Bohol
  12. Treat my whole family outside or take them out of town
  13. Have “in a relationship” as my status. HAHAHAHA.
  14. Have boxing or muay thai training
  15. Enroll in a foreign language class in UPD (spanish 2)
  16. Start another enterprise
  17. Watch Harry Potter
  18. Watch Transformers 3
  19. Watch Pirates of the Carribean
  20. Food trip in Binondo
  21. Take the Carlos Celdran intramuros tour
  22. Go on a late night roadtrip
  23. Invent a word (okay malabo yun pero cool kung nagawa mo nga. hahaha.)
  24. Cook a 4-course meal for my family or friends
  25. Go around the city via commute and take pictures or videos
  26. Create a short film
  27. Learn how to use photoshop
  28. Go caving
  29. Think of other things I want to do…
I will keep adding to the list. That’s all for now. 🙂
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