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Men vs Women: Dapat bang pagbigyan ang babae?

Guy: Magpapatalo ba ako or hindi?

Let it be known that this entry has no derogatory nor sexist intentions whatsoever. (Baka magalit agad kayo sa title pa lang)

I write because I am puzzled especially because of recent events the past week.

So I’ll throw the question out anyway: In the context of sports, games, competitions or anything else in life for that matter “Tama ba na pagbigyan ang mga babae?” (Should men hold back just to give chances to women?)

Most men would say “Yes, it’s the right thing to do.” or “Yes kasi kailangan gentlemen tayo.” or “Yes kasi babae sila”

Personally I don’t agree with that. Thus I write to get public opinion.

Case in point 1: Some of my closest friends have always been telling me: “Bro, pagbigyan mo na” or “Bro, papanalunin mo naman siya.” whenever I play a certain sport, online game, mind game or what against a woman or a group of women. While I admit that at times I accede to their requests, some part of me tells me that it isn’t fair. (or maybe that’s my competitive nature speaking)

Case in point 2: Yesterday we were playing football against the Loyola Ladies Team for the AFL. While we won the game 3-2, a game incident towards the end got me thinking about this question all the more. My teammate committed a foul against our opponent. He was given a yellow card for doing so and also received some advice within earshot of the Loyola Ladies. The advice apparently was “Mag-ingat ka naman kasi babae ang kalaban mo.” and that immediately sent tempers flaring from the other side to the point that another yellow card was given and that the women were complaining about the ref even after the game.

So ano nga ba talaga ang dapat gawin?

Primary reflection tells us that it is “Ungentlemanly to not give women a due advantage when competing in any field.”

Social conditioning teaches us that 1) Men are supposedly stronger and better and 2) We should treat them as “women” who more often than not, in this society, are perceived as “weak, demure, frail, sensitive... well you get the idea”

Frankly I don’t agree. (Please share if you believe otherwise)

And here’s a reason why when competing against women, I think that generally speaking, men should still give it their all.

For me it all really boils down to RESPECT. While we think that on the primary level we are being less of a gentleman, go deeper and you will find that you are becoming more of a gentleman if you treat women in the same level as you do men. That having the mentality that women can compete against you and can actually kick your ass in doing so, is something that they deserve. They can (as they have done so numerous times in the past) outsmart us, outplay us, outmuscle us, and outclass us.

Kasi para narin nating ininsulto ang kakayahan ng babae kung pinag-bigyan natin sila. Na sa ultimong pagpigil mo sa sarili mo na ibigay ang lahat, Para mo naring sinabi na “Hindi ko na ilalalabas ang buong galing ko para manalo ka.” Para mo naring sinabi na “Mas magaling ako sa’yo.” (Hindi ko nga alam kung magandang style yun when courting a girl eh. In hindsight, parang hindi. Hahaha.)

I know there are women out there who cherish the fact that men give way for them when competing and stuff; but times have changed and more women are aching and clamoring to be treated better and to be treated as equals. The “demure, frail, weak” women we know are now few and far in between.  Let’s just be sensitive enough. The fury of the woman I witnessed yesterday was a sight to behold. I pity the ref.

I say we men better watch out and shape up because me might just get our asses and balls kicked.

Need any more convincing?

My bruised ribcage and injured leg (not to mention various wounds from tackles and elbows) are convincing enough. :p

  1. Layla
    May 9, 2011 at 3:28 am

    At first medyo na-disturb ako sa title. Having read further, I see your point and appreciate it! Thank you, Miggy! 🙂

    • May 9, 2011 at 1:19 pm

      Thanks, Layla! Haha! That’s actually why I put a disclaimer in the first sentence so that those who read it wont get mad immediately. 🙂

  2. BoyinPlaid
    May 21, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Hahaha. dapat wala nang ‘ladies first’ kung talagang gusto nating magkaroon ng equal society

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