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Lolaism Series – Kwento at Aral ni Lola Clarita

Oya Clarita

This is our Lola Clarita. We call her “Oya” (Because I couldn’t pronounce Lola when I was a child and being the eldest son and grandson allows you the privilege to dictate terms of endearment for your parents and grandparents – so the terms “Oyo” and “Oya”)

She’s 83.

A few weeks back she underwent an operation to repair her fractured pelvis. Thank God she was successful.

Now she’s back in the house.

But she still can’t walk.

To those of you who know her or might have met her, you would know that not being able to move is what frustrates her the most. She wants to go around and do things and go through her normal routine of going to the bank on monday, grocery on tuesday, mass on sunday and cook the household food and nag all of us about what we are doing and where we are going.

So right now she’s frustrated.

And I have nothing to write about in my blog.

So I made this series with the help of my siblings.

We’ll simply talk to our lola and get her valuable input by asking her questions, listening to her stories, asking for advice and anything that would get her excited again. Like most lola’s, she’s fond of her stories and her life-lessons. The only difference this time around is that we’ll document them. 🙂

It would be a waste not to share the wisdom of a great mind – that of both a doctor and a teacher and mother. 🙂

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