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The Devil’s Three-way

As a curious teenager, especially since I turned 18, I always wondered what it was like. I always heard about it, I always saw it, I once dreamed about it, but I never got to really experience it. Until today…

The devil’s three-way! a.k.a The three car accident. (Sa mga madudumi ang utak at nag-click ng link dahil sa title, sorry to disappoint you!)

So I was driving turning left towards Katipunan avenue, driving at 55Kph down past shell towards Ateneo, when suddenly this black car moved towards my lane (it was a two-lane area), so I stepped on the brakes… Then, I didn’t hit him.

But a moment after stopping I heard this screech, felt a bump, and then my car move forward, and then I heard another one and my car moved forward again (nung una akala ko malakas lang ang speakers ko at sumobra yung boombox. labo amp.) Then I sat and looked at the black car before me go (as if hindi niya nakita na nabangga kami).

To cut the long story short, it took 5 minutes for an MMDA to arrive, an hour before  the police assistant arrived, another hour for the tow truck to arrive, 30 minutes to get to the police station and almost 2 hours before I could leave the station with my copy of the police report and my trunk tied to it’s hook because it wouldn’t close.

My car, the honda city 1998 model looked like this

Bago ko buksan ang trunk na ngayon hindi ko masara

The guy who hit me, with a huge ford everest, looked like this (his car, not his face),

FrontBack (Solid to, promise!)

and the car of the guy who hit him, looked like this..


That’s my version of the devil’s threeway…

and while I was experiencing the whole 4 and a half hours of my-productive-time–is-slowly-going-to-waste time, I sort of gathered the things I learned for the day:

1. Seatbelts are there for a reason. Sometimes we feel confident about not wearing them because we forget that it protects you not what you can see while you are driving but for what you won’t see while driving.


2. Old cars were built stronger and sturdier – I don’t know about this car-crumpling technology and stuff but seeing a brand new car crumple like that is scary. (the everest and the civic were driving at approx. the same speed, but look at the difference in the damage.) Mas minahal ko tuloy ang old honda ko. hahaha!


3. Accidents have no exceptions – I thought I’d be spared after having my car rear-ended twice, flat-tired twice, backed-into 2 times in Ateneo in the parking lot, and broken down in the middle of the night in tagaytay and so much more. Hindi naman ako careless. Nag-iingat naman ako. Bakit binabangga parin ako? Promise, once lang ako talaga nakabangga ng car.


4. Newfound respect for the MMDA – Kawawa ang mga MMDA, wala na nga silang radio, sila pa ang magbabayad ng kanilang load (eh every accident they have to call HQ or their field leader or what to report the accident and request for necessary back-up. Tapos sila rin nagbabayad ng gas ng mga motor na gamit nila habang umiikot-ikot. (Madami pang ibang nakwento) So next time mahuli ako, i’ll be nice.


5. Please palitan niyo na ang typewriters na ginagamit ng mga police at ng karamihan ng Gov’t agency natin. PLEASE.


6. Tama nga sila, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Kung hindi siguro ako nagbreakfast, namatay na ako sa hilo dun sa police station.


Sana mapaayos na ulit to.

On the brighter side, mapapa-ayos ko na ang lahat ng bangga ng car!

At masasabi ko na sa mga future apo ko na, Naka-experience ako ng “Devil’s threeway”

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