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Awesome Rowmote!

I was considering buying that little remote to help me with my presentations and talks until I thought that I should try searching for a free one using my i-touch to save me the expense. (the actual remote costs 1700+)

So lo and behold I came across ROWMOTE. It’s this application which lets me control my Macbook Pro using my iTouch. The thing is, unlike that expensive remote, this time I get to access all the applications easily as it not only functions as a mouse or pointer but also a multi-touch navigator that allows me to type this entry while my laptop is at the other end of my bed. It also has the same touchpad as that of my computer which allows me to do the 2-finger scroll, 3-finger drag and 4-finger swipe. (Plus I can see all the icons on my dock, make my laptop go to sleep and all those things.) This sure beats spending a lot of money for that white remote that I am 50% sure I will misplace in the future.

I’m no techie but I was just all too amazed by what this app was able to do. (Although now I feel lazy doing this. hahaha. Parang modern day couch potato and feeling.)

P.S. The itouch should be jailbreaked or else youd have to purchase the app. :p


Siguro susulitin ko na itong sakit ko ngayon at maghahanap pa ako ng ibang apps. 🙂

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