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“Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko…”

“Di na sana nalilito kung sino sa inyo…” (An entry on Basketball and Football)

Kobe? or Phil?

Tinutukoy ko po yung mga laro, hindi yung mga lalaki. Thanks.

Basketball or Football?

Ever since the Azkals garnered enough attention from the media, there have been arguments about how the sport of Football is doomed to fail since we, the Philippines, are a “basketball country”, arguments about the nationalities of our players, arguments about how the team is overrrated, arguments about — well okay, you get my point already. Of course Football pundits counter the argument by defending the beauty of the sport, the players, and the potential that our people have when it comes to playing the sport where height (which our population wasn’t really gifted with [Me as Exhibit A]) and size, have absolutely nothing to do with a team or a player’s success.

At the end, the arguments seem to give the impression that like Harry Potter and Voldemort, “Neither can live while the other one survives”

(sorry na di ako marunong mag-edit ng pictures)

Fact of the matter is (and I hope it ends the needless and baseless ranting about which sport is better, more exciting, more marketable and which sport has the better looking players) that both sports can actually peacefully coexist and that at the end of the day, helping both sports succeed will benefit the fans who will get more than their fair share of sports.

No spells need be cast, no gunshots need be heard, no punches need be exchanged.

I take this weekend for example. It showed to us how our people can throw their support on both national teams on the same day. Thank you to MVP for bringing in those NBA players, and thank you to Dan Palami for bankrolling the Azkals when nobody gave them enough attention.

Now that soccer is on the way up, basketball need not be threatened. It’s better if we focus on bringing the sports together (not literally pero parang masaya ang “BaSoccer” parang masaya sumubok magshoot sa basket gamit ang paa.)

While both national teams lost their games to much superior opponents, the fans got more than their money’s (and lack of sleep kasi late ang Azkals game) worth. Ako mismo, bilang fan ay sobrang nagenjoy kahit hindi ko napanuod ng live. Not only will this pave the way for more events such as these but it will also give a lot of opportunities for the development of improvement of our athletes and teams. Oh and for sure, NBA players would now want to come over here to play. Now for the next step, I hope MVP brings a european ALL-STAR football team to play against the AZKALS. Kahit 9 players lang ulit. Versus 11 Azkals pwede na. (Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Villa, Robinho, Schneider, Chicharito, Puyol lang. Tapos kahit si Hope Solo na lang ang keeper and Alex Morgan as bonus. <3)

Pwede ka naman pala mag-mahal ng dalawa ng sabay.

The Philippine’s love affair with Basketball is great as it is! Let’s hope that its affair with Football will be just the same. (Kung talagang matigas ang ulo mo about the issue, wala na lang basagan ng trip.)

Let’s have more weekends like this one. πŸ™‚ NBA + PBA + AZKALS + GILAS = Happy owners, happy media, very happy fans. And of course, happy players! Lam na! πŸ˜‰

[pagandahan na lang daw ng girlfriend/asawa.]

Angel Locsin? or Vanessa Bryant?


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