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Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan sorry na lang.

Erotomania – “False belief that someone is deeply in love with them; more common in women than in men.” (also known as de Clerambault Syndrome or Psychose Passionelle)


  • Delusions that another person is in love with YOU.
  • Signs of denial of love by the object of the delusion are frequently falsely interpreted as affirmation of love
  • Attempts to contact the object of the delusion by making phone calls, sending letters and gifts, making visits and even stalking

Being with medical students has its perks. For example, I learn new things such as EROTOMANIA which in my own words I’d like to describe as “Assuming”.

You are only setting yourself up for heartbreak if you assume that the object of your “affection” or in this case, “delusion” harbors the same feelings that you have.

Rule # 1: “Huwag kang mag-assume”

Hindi porkit mabait siya sa’yo gusto ka, hindi porkit tinetext ka, crush ka nya, hindi porkit nag smile sa’yo, hot ka na, at hindi porkit sinagot ang tawag mo, hindi ka nya matiis.

A person can just be really friendly, nice, thoughtful and caring – that doesn’t automatically mean that they like/love you.

If you really want to know, go ahead and ask. “Confeerm it!” That way, you save yourself from too much heartache in the long run. And you can use use your energy on someone worth your while.

This goes out to the men as well. (Dahil may kilala din ako na sobra kung makapag-assume.)

Rule # 2: “If masaktan ka dahil nag-assume ka, don’t blame the other person.”

While to some extent it might be their fault for being too nice and everything else you wished for, it would ultimately be your decision whether or not to cling on the false hope that you are meant to be together or whatever it is that goes through your brain.

Just clear things up.


Sabi nga ng Parokya ni Edgar: “Huwag mo na sana akong pahirapan pa. Kung ayaw mo sa akin ay sabihin mo na.”

Pasenshers na lang.

“It’s not me, it’s you.”

Biruin mo, may sakit pala talaga na ganun. I learn something new everyday.


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