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Thinking Out Loud

I particularly dislike cashiers who do this whenever I purchase something:

Cashier: “May 5 pesos po kayo?

Me: “Uhhh. Wait tignan ko ah. Wala eh.”

Cashier: “Piso”

Me: “Wala rin.”

Cashier: “25 cents po?”

Me: “Wala, sorry”

Cashier: *Looks annoyed and starts collecting my change*

Cashier: Ito na po sir, kulang lang ng 25 cents.

Me: “Ahh. Okay.”

Usually I’d leave the store hating that cashier boy or lady who shortchanged me and for wasting 20 precious seconds of my time by asking those questions. But I realized that we really couldn’t blame them for not having enough coins in their registers.


Because I think that the high volume stores such as groceries, bookstores and department stores purposely put in less change in their registers. Why? They are “legally” robbing customers of at least .25 cents each just because of having no change fund in their drawers. (Why legally? Because technically the customer accepts that the cashier will give out less than the required change.)

It’s common sense that as a store that sells a vast range of products whose prices vary from 1.99 to 199.75 to 1999.95 or whatever value the goods are pegged at SHOULD HAVE ENOUGH CHANGE FUND IN THEIR REGISTERS (particularly coins).

So if they steal 0.25 centavos from a single customer, we wouldn’t feel bad. I mean, I wouldn’t feel bad. But given the number of customers they have, even if they do that to 1 of every 10 customers, (and assuming that the top groceries in this country have at least 1 million customers per year), that would be stealing 0.25 cents from 100,000 customers which amounts to 25,000 pesos stolen.

Individually, the amount is negligible, but collectively, well the store earns more than just their net income.

Petty theft in numbers generates a lot of profit as well.

That’s just what I think.

We, as a society, are being robbed.

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  1. September 19, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    You are right. I totally agree with you.

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