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Dream Come True!

Since college, I’ve dreamed of one day working for a big consultancy firm and facilitate various programs and seminars for corporations. Let’s just say that my biggest passion in life apart from playing football, is to conceptualize, plan and execute training modules to groups and individuals.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to work for Management Strategies  Asia Inc during one of their programs held in Fontana Leisure Resort in Clark, Pampanga.

I spent 2 days with 4 wonderful and really helpful senior consultants (very helpful as they really spent time to teach me and share lessons with me throughout the program) and I watched and marveled at the way they executed their program for one of the top Pharmaceutical companies in the country. I spent the first day observing and helping out in set-up, documentation and logistics.  All I can say is that never in my life have I learned so much and enjoyed so much just by simple preparing simple materials, writing down what the participants say and watching the senior consultants at work.

In the evening while we were settling down inside our villa, I was handed a folder containing a formal agreement between the company and I to formalize my being officially “on-board”. I remember lying down on my bed in slight disbelief that I was actually reading and about to sign an agreement with a consultancy firm. I was too excited that I forgot to sign in until I woke up.

The second day was much different as I was tasked to facilitate 2 activities during the day. While I have facilitated and crafted many training programs before, I never felt so much pressure to deliver.

To cut the long story short, I believe I turned in a pretty good performance if I say so myself.

I dreamed of one day facilitating activities for general managers and top officers of established multinational corporations. I just never thought that I’d get that opportunity this year. 🙂

Words just can’t explain how happy and fulfilled I am to have been given such an opportunity and hopefully a lot of other opportunities to work with and learn from the best. 🙂

I know I have a long way to go just to be close to the status and experience that the senior consultants have reached but I’m really willing and excited to do what I can to get there – but someday, I will. 🙂

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