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Enter With Hope: My First 2012 Entry

A personal reflection on the year that past and the year that beckons.

Before the smoke clears from tonight’s festivities, I take a look back on the year that just passed. 2011 was rough – filled with falls and tumbles that I’ve never experienced before. The whole year was a test of my own resolve and willingness to get back up on my feet after being run down to the ground.

I look at the past with pain and disappointment.

I look at today with thanks.

I look at tomorrow with hope and optimism.

I realized that from my failures I had much to learn while from my successes I had much to be thankful for.

When things seem to be at their worst, then there’s no other recourse but to hope for the better.

When the world throws shit at your family, fight back. Adversity brought my siblings and I closer than ever before and for that I look to 2012 with hope and confidence that we can go through anything. A sudden change made me believe and trust in my parents more than I ever had and the fragile state of my grandmother woke me up.

When the world decides to break your heart, be patient. Someday, someone will come along to put back all the broken pieces of your heart together.

When the world shows you a road less travelled, take it. I realized how difficult yet life-changing it was to tread a path of my own. It will be a struggle; but the hardships will all be worth it in the end.

When the world bestows upon you a talent, use it. Nothing beats doing what you love most and what you are best at and getting rewarded for it.

When the world separates you from your dearest friends, reach out. While social networks make it easy (yet boring) to communicate, nothing beats unending laughter and stories over a bottle of beers and a table full of food. A real hug will always be better than receiving a “like” or a “poke”.

When the world gives you much, give back. Help out those who have much less – then you’ll be given so much more than what you already have.

Finally, When the world throws everything it has at you, take it all in, offer your middle finger and smile. There would always, always be a glimmer of hope. For everything else, there are the things that will forever be with us – family, love and friends. Those should be enough to keep us sane.

Happy New Year. 🙂


  1. X
    January 1, 2012 at 1:27 am

    Happy new year my mehn!! See you soon, in Neptune!!

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