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Reflections of A Social Entrepreneur: Conyo Problems

“Is my BMW worth much more than the lives of countless Filipinos?” – Dylan Wilk (Founder of Human Nature)

This time last year, I just purchased a new cellphone and a new camera (I’m not rich enough to buy BMW’s). That was pretty much how my life revolved for the first 23 years of my life. I had conyo problems.

My dreams revolved around the acquisition of commodities such as cellphones, laptops, cars and the accumulation of money by the most “logical” career path possible – Corporate Managerial work.

Within a year after graduation (March 2010 to March 2011), I changed laptops twice, phones at least 5 times, had 3 cameras, a number of shoes and jackets and some amount of money in the bank.

While my pockets filled, my heart emptied. I thought I’d be happy with the purchase of a Blackberry – only to find myself wanting a new model a few weeks later. It just didn’t feel right.

It took a trip to the fields of Bulacan (upon which the GK Enchanted Farm rose from the sand and stone) and a conversation with the founder of Gawad Kalinga – Mr. Tony Meloto for my bubble to burst and my ivory tower come crashing down.

I realized that I was nothing more than just a spoiled brat, used to getting everything I wanted, made even more competent at accumulating things because of the education and training I received.

So for a year, I decided to leave the corporate world and start a business of my own – one that operates closer to the people who have long been shunned by society but are starting to get back up on their feet.

Let me tell you that it was the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to experience. My pockets and bank accounts were emptied, my phones and laptops downgraded. BUT I’VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER.

Now that business is starting to really pick up, only God will know how happy and fulfilled I’ll be.

The “real world” which our parents and universities speak of cannot be found in the office cubicles nor behind the gates of the biggest homes and subdivisions. The real world is out here with the lost and forgotten people who only need the opportunity to rise up from the slums.

I’ve had 24 years of conyo problems, my 25th year and every year that comes hereafter will be dedicated to helping solve problems of those who have less. The task is daunting but I know that I have the best people beside me and a Higher Being to guide me.

If only we were more SOCIAL than SOSYAL, then our country would be in a much better condition. Someday, I am hopeful that it will be “SOSYAL to be SOCIAL.”


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