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Reflections of a Social Entrepreneur: Redefining “Success”

“A Million Millionaires.”

For some reason the idea got stuck and the words repeated themselves over and over in my brain. I wouldn’t dare think of this idea a few years back – when the acquisition of personal wealth was the name of the game.

“A Million Millionaires.”

I spent my previous 24 years of life wanting to get my hands on my first million. (I have the piggy bank to prove it)

I had this since I was 6.

It took that much time for me to realize that I was chasing the wrong thing, the selfish thing.

After a year of learning and unlearning, one of the biggest paradigm shifts that I underwent was when I had to redefine what “Success” meant to me personally.

When before success was all too personal, today it has evolved to be more social. Whereas wealth accumulation, cars, cash, luxury items were once held with the highest regard and altogether symbolize one’s successes, today those things have been redefined to the extent that it’s no longer how many million Pesos you make but how many People whose lives you change.

From a game of Pesos, it has evolved to become a game of People. From something very personal, it has turned into something more inclusive – At least for me and the people who believe in the same vision.

Before, getting my first million meant everything to me.

Today, getting my first million while those who work with me earn much less and there are still those who live without food for their next meal would mean absolutely nothing.

My success will no longer be measured by getting my first million but rather by the number of people whom I help get theirs. I know I can get my first million – don’t get me wrong for I know it will be hard. It’s just so much more challenging and ultimately more fulfilling if I take people with me.

“A Million Millionaires. – better than just having 20 billionaires”

My side of caution tells me that there is a chance that I will fail. The dreamer in me tells me that I’ve seen too many miracles happen in this world that it will be stupid to not believe in this one.

“A Million Millionaires.”

I keep repeating this to remind me that there’s something bigger than myself to work for.

“A Million Millionaires.”

I won’t be responsible for all 1 million of them, but I know I’ll do my part.

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