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Reflections of a Social Entrepreneur: The Rules of A Boss

One of the biggest things about starting your own Social Enterprise (or any business for that matter) is that you get to be your own boss. You will be able to control the time you wake up, the number of hours you sleep, the amount of work you put in. Often times, the amount and quality of the work you devote during the crucial early stages of the business will make or break you. Once you’ve settled into a rhythm and allow your business to reach a certain level of stability in its operations, you get to finally lay down more rules, establish more systems and processes to grow your business even further.

This is where a number of bosses can get lost. I realized that in this crucial tipping point, the rules that you set will define how your business will grow and more importantly, influence the kind of culture that it will have and values that your entire organization will uphold.

So as early as now, as my own boss, and as a “boss” to those whom I currently work with and those who will be working with us in the future, I will lay down 10 simple rules to live by.

Rule # 1: Respect Personal Time.

– This is one most violated rules especially as we live in this hyper-connected environment where Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, BBM and other Messaging services can professionally bind you to your co-workers and your employers. So to those I work with and will work with in the future, I tell you this – Set boundaries on your work hours and tell me. I will respect you and promise to do my best to not disturb you nor ask for deliverables when I know that doing so will violate your personal time.

This leads me to…

Rule # 2: Balance, Balance, Balance, Balance, Balance, Balance!

– Make sure that you will always have time to do the things you love, the things that make you happy and more importantly, spend quality time with the people who matter – Your family, your best friends, your significant others (or even your pets). Work should never come in the way of the things and people that are important to you. But do remember that in all things, there must be the right amount of balance.

Rule # 3: “Lunch Break” means Lunch Break

– In relation to rule # 1, work time is for work, meeting time is for meetings, lunch time is for eating and other things, and so on and so forth.

Rule # 4: If you’re not having fun, you’re in the wrong position! (So tell me)

– If you enjoy and love what you are doing, then you are in the right position. If going to work is a drag and you just resent me and the company with every passing day, then I have failed you by putting you in a position where you will not grow and have fun.

Rule # 5: You’ve got a friend in me. 🙂

– Therefore nothing should stop you from telling me if something is bothering you, if you’re unhappy, if you have an idea, if you feel sick, if you see something that needs to be improved, or if I violated your personal time or any of the rules set herein, etc, etc. You get the picture.

Rule # 6: Your idea is as good as mine. At times, even better.

– The reason why you are where you are is because I have bestowed upon you a certain level of trust and confidence that you will not hold back your talents, ideas and knowledge. In fact, I expect that you will share them with me to help the company grow.

Rule # 7: Always be creative. If you can find it in the internet, then it’s not original. 🙂

– Being in the business of making camps, programs and creating modules from scratch, we need to set ourselves apart from the rest. Do your homework, research what you can from books, Youtube, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook. Find what you can – then innovate. Add your own twist, add your own challenge, combine activities.

Rule # 8: When you stumble and fall, pick yourself up and smile. We’ll smile with you.

– Just let the world know that nothing can break you because you have a whole team right here supporting you every step of the way. (In work, in love and in life) We’ll all fall down some time, but if we keep getting back up and maintain that positive attitude, then we’ll never fail.

Rule # 9: Keep your feet on the ground. Give the glory to a Greater Being.

– For each success we’ll remain grounded and humble. For each milestone and success we’ll remain ever thankful.

Rule # 10: Remember our purpose. As long as there’s a street kid knocking on your window and begging for alms, our mission isn’t over.

– We’re all working for something much bigger than ourselves. So long as there are people who starve and people with no place to live, our business and our company and its people will continue to work. We have a world to change. 🙂


To end, allow me to add one last rule:

Rule # 11: If people say “It can’t be done”, look them in the eye and say “Watch us.”


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