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Love Letter from a Toy to a Grown Up Boy


Dear Grown Up Kid,


Hi! How have you been? It’s been years since I last saw you. You’ve probably forgotten about me. I guess it’s true what they say – that toys are outgrown and left behind.


For all its worth, should you ever come back, I hope you can read this. All I would like to do is thank you for 10 things:


      1. Thank you for setting me free of that stuffy box I was put in. I thought I would never get out.
      2. Thank you for the huge smile on your face when you first laid eyes on me. Never have I felt so special.
      3. Thank you for letting me sleep beside you. I was afraid of the dark. I never felt so safe.
      4. Thank you for proudly introducing me to your friends. I don’t have much friends, you see. As a toy, I only had you.
      5. Thank you for protecting me from the “big bad guys” when I was weak. You made me want to become stronger and better.
      6. Thank you for teaching me how to fight back and conquer any obstacle that I faced. Because of you, I never gave up. And I never will.
      7. Thank you for making me a hero. My biggest dream was to defeat all the villains. With you, I felt invincible. I kicked all their butts.
      8. Thank you for tending to my wounds. There were times when I was battered and beat up. You picked me up and helped me to my feet.
      9. Thank you for sharing your stories and secrets. Don’t worry, they are safe with me. My lips are sealed.
      10. Thank you for being my best friend. Always.


Though I may not see you anymore, know that I will forever be yours.





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