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Love Letter from the Earth to the Sky


Dear Sky,


You know I’ve always looked up to you. I’ve always wondered what it was like to be up there by your side. I’ve always wished I could see what you see just so that I can feel what it is like to see through your beautiful blue eyes. I always thought you were the most beautiful thing in the world – when the sun is out and clouds are nowhere to be seen I just lie here and stare at every inch of your beauty. You are majestic in the bright lights. And when the sun sets? I just lie here and watch you sparkle as the stars and the moon dance and twinkle. You are heavenly when you sleep. I’ve fallen for you a long time ago and I can never get up from this – I don’t want to get up. I’ve always felt as if you were made for me and I for you.

But we can never be together. I know. I’ve tried.

I created mountains to come close to you because I thought proximity brings two hearts together. Sadly, my highest mountains still can’t reach out to even touch your hand – but know that they are always there for you to reach out to. I will never put them down.

I created the seas to reflect your blue eyes because I thought that you’d fall for me if we had things in common. However, my seas can never truly reflect how beautiful you are – but know that they will always be there so that you can see your reflection and see how you have become a huge part of me. 

I created trees and the greenery because I thought opposites attract. Your blue to my green? It didn’t work. But know that they will always be there – the trees, the bushes and the shrubs – to catch you gently if ever you fall.

But we can never be together. Still, believe me that I will be here forever – watching from a distance, wishing on a billion stars hoping that one of them will be able to grant my wish. The odds are against me but I will be here. I will be here to catch your tears when they fall. I will be here until the clouds clear and until I see you smile and your blue eyes sparkle once again. I will be here when darkness comes and patiently wait with you until dawn breaks into a new day.


I will forever be here – lying down, wishing you were mine.

I will forever be here – revolving, going in circles, crazy over you

I will forever be here, down here – knowing that you will never fall

I will forever be here – night and day through it all


I love you, Sky.


~ Earth

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