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Letter # 1: To the couple we saw making out in cantina

It may be anti-climactic that I write this last letter to people I don’t really know but since I was talking to my friends about who I was going to write to last night and I saw you start to make-out in public, it was then that I decided to write you guys a letter. (it wasn’t my fault that you guys were at the table beside us and that you were in my line of sight)

So to whoever you guys are,

My first advice for you would be of course to get a room. (Or you probably did judging by the way you looked when we left)

Second thing I want to say is that I thank you for injecting some fun and action into a night that was almost ruined by the sight of this…

(yes, that is a huge butt crack from this guy while we were having dinner. sobrang pet peeve lang talaga. at saktong pasubo pa lang kami ng pagkain. haha. it should be written in the commandments that THOU SHALL HIDE YOUR BUTT CRACK AT ALL TIMES.)

Going back, I found it amusing that you two fought immediately after the first make-out session then made-up afterwards by making out again and again and even allowing your beer glass to fall on the floor in the process. RELAKS KASI.

To the girl, we also found it funny when, by chance, we saw your hand creeping and crawling down there.

To the guy, di ko alam bakit ka bad trip every time mag CR yung girl mo. Nakakaubos ka ata ng stick ng yosi everytime nagCR siya.

I admire your guts to do that even though a lot of people were looking already – or maybe it was the alcohol.

Pati tuloy yung waiter natawa. Humirit pa tuloy ng “hindi pa tapos ang valentine’s ah”. HAHAHA.

On a serious note, I’d like to tell you that your LOVE (and LUST) gave me hope that I’ll find someone who’s more loving but hopefully less clingy than the two of you.

Because of you I also missed college (hindi dahil nakikipag-makeout din ako sa cantina) because I missed how much fun I used to have back then. Hahaha.

Again, I don’t know you, but you made my day because of your uncontrollable passion and raging hormones.

But next time, save us the show and get a room,

Miggy Z

P.S. I don’t know what is it with me and walking into couples while making out or doing something and seeing couples do it in public. Daming beses na nangyari eh. Di ko alam kung malas or swerte yun! hahaha!


Letter # 2: To the number 2 woman in my life

After my mother, it would have to be my legendary 83-year old grandmother – OYA Clarita!

Dear Oya (I couldn’t say “LOLA” when I was a kid so I grew up saying OYA for LOLA and OYO for my LOLO),

I know you don’t know anything about computers and you’d kill us if we tried teaching you how but I hope you can read this anyway.

For lack of eloquence and an organized writing brain as of the moment, allow me to express myself in simple lines for you

You taught me so many things in my life (ever since I was a kid you were there to guide me)

You practically brought us all up (financially speaking, you saved us!)

You are the strongest person I know (after going through everything, and hearing your stories over and over again, I understand the burden that you carry)

You are generous, as you are kind (you shout at me whenever I ask for something, but you end up giving it anyway. and that goes for everyone else around you. I got that trait from you. The inability to say “No”)

You are strict and firm, yet with a genuine concern for everyone. (I think that comes with your being a doctor and teacher)

You are loving and so very thoughtful (Always thinking about others before yourself.)

(I am your favorite. Hahaha.)

You are the so smart. (so proud of UP that no other university comes close)

You are so loving and patient (I know I disappointed you big time and yet you never gave up on me)

You are the best chef in the world (your food makes me want to go home early everyday)

You have the best stories (I think I’ve memorized them already! 😀 )

You have the biggest heart.


You may have an evil laugh when you bully us

You may shout at me (us) a lot

You may get mad for my going home late

You may tease me for not having a girlfriend (or breaking up with a girlfriend)

You may be the biggest nagger in the whole wide world

But I love you just the same. We all do.

You’ve been giving your whole life – and for that I can’t thank you enough. I just hope I can make you proud.

I also hope I can introduce you to my future wife someday. That would be awesome.

Thank you, Oya.

Love (Your favorite apo),

Miguel (what you call me when you’re mad! hahaha!)


Letter # 3: To my ex

(Okay so I’ve had 3. But this letter is only for one ex. So if you so happen to be my ex and you’re reading this and you feel that this one is for you, then it probably is. If you so happen to be one of my friends and you’re reading this and you feel that you know who this letter is for… PLEASE LANG WAG NIYO AKONG ILAGLAG. WAHAHAHAHA!)

Dear ___________,

Hi, I miss you. HAHAHAHAHA! Joke!

I’m torn. A part of me hopes that you will get to read this someday while the other part hopes that you won’t. Nevertheless, I write this and publish this knowing that it’s a risk I have to take. (Just like the risk I took when I told you I loved you. HAHAHAHAHA. Cheesy amp.)

Please don’t misinterpret this letter. I’ve moved on. It’s just that there were so many things I wanted to tell you and ask you that I never quite got the chance to because of the whirlwind of events that transpired. I got caught off guard that all I was able to feel was what the f*^& just happened?

First thing I want to tell you is something that I could not bring myself to admit (at least, publicly), until recently, is that our break-up destroyed me. It may not have appeared that way and I might have appeared to be fine on the outside but believe me when I tell you that it really, really broke me down much more than anything that I’ve ever experienced before. I had to put up bigger walls around me just so that people, even my closest friends, couldn’t see what I was feeling. I would have been a good case study for psych students and sociology students when it came to coping mechanisms.

The second thing? I think, and so do most people who know the story, that the reason for our break-up wasn’t the real reason for our break-up. Were they, really? Probably, you knew me best of all that you knew what reason to give me that assured you that I will not be able to fight back and fight for us. Probably, you knew me best of all that you knew what to say that would just make me agree to what was going to happen. Probably, you knew me best of all that you just knew you could do it. You knew the words to comfort me and God forgive me, I hung on to each and every word and promise that you said mindless of how painful it was going to be and how stupid I was going to look for letting you go.

In connection to that, I probably knew you best of all to know that the reasons you were giving me that day weren’t the real reasons why we did what we did which was to end a 13 month relationship. I probably knew you best of all to just remain silent and listen to your reasons and let you speak your mind. And I probably knew you best of all to know that no matter what I did or said, I wouldn’t have changed your mind and your heart.

I hope that someday I’ll be able to talk to you and find out why this all happened. We had plans. What happened?

This is getting heavy. So let me just lighten up the letter by saying that I saw you with this guy sometime last year. You didn’t see me which is good for I wouldn’t have known how to act. That’s when I realized how truly devastated I was. Intense lang talaga. Hahaha. Paano kaya kung nakita niyo ako? How would you have acted? Hahaha. Weird.

I don’t want to prolong this letter anymore as it’s going to be too dragging especially for those who don’t really care about my exes. Maybe if you get to read this then it will serve as a springboard for a deeper conversation. Or not.

So I’ll do my part by saying sorry. That I wasn’t enough and that I couldn’t give you the fairytale romance that most girls dream they would have. Sorry if I hurt you or made it hard for you. Sorry.

Of course this letter wouldn’t be complete without thanking you. For everything you did, everything we did together and everything we had.

Okay, This is getting to cheesy.

What we had wasn’t ideal, it was far from perfect, but it was great. Too bad, something just had to get in the way.

I loved you most of all.

I just had to move on.

See you when I see you,



Eto isa sa mga naging kanta ko dati. AHAHAHAHA! Enjoy. Seriously, to whoever will be the next guy, hope he’ll take care of you better. 🙂

♪ ♫ Will he love you like I loved you? Will he tell you everyday? Will he make you feel that you’re invincible with every word he’ll say?♩ ♬ ♭ ♮

Letter # 4: To my siblings

Tabitha, Gaby, Paeng and Sam,

I might not have been the best big brother there is, but I’m trying to be.

Sorry kung mahigpit ako sa inyo. I just do that to put you back on the right track sometimes.

I just want the four of you to know that if you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask.

I’m proud of you and however cheesy this might sound, I love you guys! Kahit na ang sakit niyo sa ulo talaga!

Tabitha alam ko umiyak ka nung hindi ka nakapasa ng Ateneo pero look at you now, 1st honors sa DLSU. Wala pa atang sem na hindi ka honors or dean’s list samantalang ako, never ko nagawa yun sa Ateneo! hahaha!

Gaby you are turning out to be the best cook there is! Sarap ng luto mo! Ituloy mo lang para lagi kaming busog! Balang araw, itatayo natin resto mo! Okay?

Paeng, sana itigil mo na kalokohan mo sa school. Alam ko tinali mo classmate mo sa basketball court sa LSGH (at tawang tawa ako at proud ako na nagawa mo yun kasi never ko yun nagawa) pero wag mo na ulitin please? Madami din akong kalokohan before at yung iba, talagang pinagsisihan ko. Bumalik ka na lang sa track and field. hahaha!

Sam, studies over K-pop please? tapos na concert ng super junior so sana naman sa studies ka naman mag concentrate! haha!

Yun lang. Alam ko mahirap yan, pero andito lang ako.



Letter #5: To my best friend

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

If you ask us how we met, this is what we’ll tell you: (Setting: Jollibee, Greenhills.) We were both playing in the Jollibee play place, swimming in the pool of balls (yung old school play place ng jollibee dati). He entered with an ice cream cone, I jumped and I didn’t see him – his ice cream fell. He cried. I said sorry and continued to play.  Later on, I was about to buy an ice cream cone at the counter when I saw him. I bought another one and gave it to him. The rest is history.

Saktong pang commercial lang ang story. HAHA.

To Marc,

We’re actually best friends of few words – so in staying true to that I’ll keep this short.

Thanks, bro.

From football, to all the organizations we became part of (PCO, Strains, etc), to all the parties we went to, to all the girls we both tried to hit on, to the people we bullied, to the drinks we’ve shared, to the medals and tournaments we’ve won together, thanks.

While other bestfriends tell each other anything and everything, we do the opposite. We don’t say anything to each other, we don’t share stories of the girls we’ve been with and loved, we don’t share stories of our problems and stresses – but somehow, we know what each is going through at any point and the even better thing is that we both understand what’s happening.

Andito lang ako, at lahat kami, pag kailangan mo bro! Good luck sa lahat! (alam mo na mga tinutukoy ko!) Suportahan taka! Hahaha.

Football at inuman na ulit!

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang magandang pang-goodbye sa letter na ito,



Letter # 6: To my YAYA!

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment


Halos lahat naman siguro sa atin nagkaroon ng Maid or Yaya na nag-alaga sa atin nung tayo ay bata at habang nasa trabaho ang ating magulang – pero madami rin ang nakalimutang mag-pasalamat o minsan nga’y nakalimutan na kung sino sila…

Dear Yaya Susie,

Nais ko lamang magpasalamat sa pag-alaga sa akin noong ako ay bata pa. Salamat at pinapaliguan mo ako kahit ayaw ko, hinahawakan mo ang kamay ko pag-tatawid ng kalsada, salamat na ikaw nagtitimpla ng bote ko ng gatas – at hindi mo ako pinigilan nung minsan ay nilagyan ko ito ng coke. Madami pa akong mga dapat pasalamatan at alam ko hindi ko ito nasabi sa iyo bago ka umalis sa bahay namin at kahit narin doon sa mga pagkakataon na nakita kita.

Naalala ko ang legs mo. Mabuhok sila at akala ko ganun ang lahat ng legs ng babae.. 😐

Naalala ko na pinapakain mo ako lagi ng chocolate at pinipilit mo akong mag toothbrush kahit umiiyak ako dahil ayaw ko. Ayan tuloy bungi ako nung bata. Tama ka nga! Mawawala ng maaga ngipin ko dahil ayaw ko mag toothbrush! Buti na lang temporary lang yung mga yun! haha!

Naalala ko na pinagluluto mo ako ng sinigang sa tuwing may lagnat ako. Hindi ko alam kung utos iyon ng nanay ko pero salamat kasi yun lang ang tanging nagpapagaling sa sakit ko nung bata.

Naalala ko nung nasugatan ako dahil nadapa ako. Sabi mo wag na ako umiyak kasi malayo sa bituka yung sugat ko. Hindi ko nga alam kung ano yung “bituka” dati eh. Alam ko lang na hindi ako mamamatay kasi malayo sugat ko doon.

Pero may mga tanong ako sa’yo na hindi ko kasi alam ang sagot:

Talaga bang inuntog mo ako sa pader dati?

Talaga bang pinasok mo ako sa sako nung magulo ako?

HAHAHA! Hindi kasi ako sigurado eh. Ang alam ko, OO. Pero gusto ko lang din malaman mula sa’yo.

Pero kahit ginawa mo yun, salamat parin ng marami!! Naging malaking parte ka ng aking kabataan!

Promise, hindi na ako ganun kagulo ngayon!

Ang iyong alaga,



Letter # 7: To one of the best teachers I’ve ever had

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Meet Fr. Luis Candelaria. He was my Organizational Behavior (LS100) Teacher back in 2007. He was 88 years old back then. It’s already 2011 – just do the math. To me, and probably to a lot of other students, he was more than just a teacher.

Hey Fr. Candy,

I remember sitting in front of your class during that first session. I remember how my classmates and I exhanged “I-can’t-believe-this” looks when you told us that you were 88 already. I remember that by the end of that early tuesday morning, you already got all the girls in class smitten because of how cute and adorable you were and how slow you walked. 🙂

I remember you surprised all of us during the second meeting because you’ve already memorized all of our names already. Teachers usually take weeks to do that; some never even bother to memorize the names of their students. After that second class, even the boys were raving about how cool you were.

You didn’t give us lectures – only snippets of your experiences overflowing with lessons to learn for each of us. You made us do the lectures. You made us facilitate each class. You made us read one book a week and submit one paper a week for each book (We all thought that was going to be easy – but it was hard). It was a different class and a different experience for all of us. (I never got to use the organizational behavior book we bought for the class)

Well what I’m really writing to tell you is that I want to thank you for influencing my life probably more than any other teacher I’ve encountered. We all have teachers who’ve touched our lives – well you’ve touched all of ours.

Thanks for making me read more books in one semester than I ever have the years before. “Who Moved My Cheese”, “Fully Human, Fully Alive”, “The 10 natural laws of teamwork”, “What Matters Most”, “6 thinking hats”, “Working with emotional beings”, “The 7 habits”, “Follow your heart”, “The winning attitude”, “Why am I afraid to love?”, “Why am I afraid to show you who I am?”, “Being Happy”, “Making Friends”, “Will the real me please stand up?”, “Developing the leader within you” and “Developing the leaders around you.” – Those were the books you made us read and each and every one of them contributed to who I am today. You introduced me to John Maxwell and his leadership philosophies – most of which I have tried to adapt in my own leadership roles. You taught me how to deal with change, how to develop the right attitude, how to develop others. You introduced me to books which challenged the way I thought of this world and what I thought of my own being. Most importantly, you taught me to follow my heart and you made me realize that what I really wanted to do – To lead people, to serve people and train people. To be a priest (haha joke), rather, a consultant,  like you and to make a difference like you did although in a different career path.

Father, I remember during our last official class that you grabbed me by the arm, asked me what I wanted to achieve in life, gripped me and punched me so hard in the arm after I told you that I wanted to be like you – except the priest part of it all. (By the way, the punch was so hard I got a small bruise! You were too strong for an 88 year old.)

Lastly, I remember that during our last conversation that you told me with full confidence and another tight grip in the arm that I believed I can achieve everything I told you I want to achieve. Then you hugged me and punched me once again.

I miss you Father. I plan to visit you one of these days. I hope I can.

Thank you for the lessons that I’m sure couldn’t be taught by the 700 peso textbook which we never used.

A student whose life you’ve changed,

Miggy Z.

P.S. Sobrang mahal nung shades mo! Lupet! hahahahaha!

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